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Keep warm in a clean and environmentally friendly way. High & long-lasting heat is produced using eco-friendly fire logs. Made from oak sawdust that has been compressed to form an efficient fuel. No more dirty, black glass stove fronts. You need to keep warm in the Irish winter, but you also need to do your bit for the environment. These are an excellent replacement for peat briquettes that are soon to be discontinued. Order now so you can get cosy and enjoy that cuppa in front of the fire...

  • No artificial additives or chemicals are used in this process.
  • Low ash content.
  • Low moisture content.
  • The weight of each pack is approx. 10 kg.
  • 5 x eco logs per pack.
  • Clean and easy to store.
  • Replacement for peat briquettes.
  • Made from oak sawdust and shavings that have been compressed to form a highly efficient fuel.