Three Reasons to Choose Our Eco Logs

Three Reasons to Choose Our Eco Logs

As temperatures begin to drop, and colder evenings become a daily occurrence, now is the right time to think about how you’re going to heat your home this Autumn and Winter. Having a warm, comfortable house is something that all of us would like. And, it’s easily achievable when you buy eco logs from KingStar Future Fuels.

We provide eco logs that will keep your space warm in the colder periods, and are a brilliant sustainable choice for your home. Below, we’ve listed a few of the main reasons why you must choose our logs for heating your home over the coming months. Read on to find out more, and if you’d like to browse our logs for sale - please visit our website today.

  • A Greener Option

Going green is really important, now more than ever. When you buy our eco logs, you will be buying a green, reused, recycled biomass product that is an environmentally friendly option. Our product is free of artificial additives and chemicals, and it consists of 100% oak waste sawdust sourced from wooden floor manufacturing facilities, thus helping the factories to be more
sustainable. If you are looking to heat your home in a more sustainable way, then you can’t go wrong with buying logs from KingStar Future Fuels.

  • Provide Excellent Heat

Alongside this, our high quality logs are a great choice as they provide you with tremendous heat. All of our logs contain less than 8% moisture, which means that they can provide significantly more heat output with little to no ash. You’ll be so glad to have bought our logs on those freezing cold wintery nights; we’ll heat your home up and keep you nice and warm, no matter how low the temperature is.

  • We’re Committed to a Green Future

Here at KingStar Future Fuels, we have one clear priority - to provide all homeowners with clean, green sustainable eco fuel. We aim to do our bit to reduce carbon footprints and carbon emissions, giving homes in Ireland a better way to keep their space warm. Everything that we do is with the environment in mind. With our Greener Future Plan for every ton of Hard Top Eco logs we sell we gift an Oak tree to you the customer to plant. Don’t worry if you have no space for the Oak tree, we can plant it for you. We are working in conjunction with a local school and we are getting the students to plant the trees. This gets the students outside with nature and is teaching them to be more aware of our environment and to look after our beautiful planet. So, you’ll be supporting a proud Green company when you buy from us.

  • Eco Logs For Sale Nationwide

If you are interested in buying our eco logs anywhere in the country, we have a courier
that will deliver directly to your door. All you need to do is head over to the KingStar Future Fuels website today. We have a wide range of sustainable eco logs for sale to buy at affordable prices. Our logs are the ultimate fuel for your stove, and a much greener alternative to fossil fuels. From large pallets of eco logs containing 100 packs, to starter packs with just 10 logs, there are a number of different options available.

We also sell kindling and natural firelighters too; head to our website to discover everything you need for heating your home. If you have any questions or would simply like to get in touch - please call us directly on +353 87 920 7868 or drop us a message via the online form on our website.