An Introductory Guide to Eco Logs and their Benefits

An Introductory Guide to Eco Logs and their Benefits

We’re living in a world that needs protecting. There are many changes we can make to our daily lives to make them more eco-friendly, and turning to green fuel is one example. Heating your home in the colder months is not something you can go without, but there is a way to do it in a more environmentally responsible manner, and that’s with eco logs. In this post, we will delve into what an eco log is and why purchasing eco logs in Ireland is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional firewood.

What are Eco Logs?

Before we look at the benefits of eco logs, let’s explore what they actually are. Eco logs are actually made with the shavings and sawdust found on the floors of factories that manufacture furniture or wooden flooring. The shavings are compressed to create the fuel necessary to start and maintain a fire.

How Can they Benefit the Environment?

One of the major ways that eco logs can benefit the environment is their recycled nature. Poor wood harvesting practices can seriously damage biodiversity and cause habitat loss through deforestation, and if forests are harvested to the extent that they are struggling to grow back, then there is also an issue of resource depletion.

As we have established, eco logs are made with the waste from other wooden products. So, while a tree has been cut down to create the wood product the waste came from, the eco logs do not require another tree to be cut down, specifically to make them. It’s a fantastic way to recycle waste and help reduce deforestation.

As eco logs have a low moisture content, it means you can get a cleaner and more efficient burn; this can help reduce the amount of pollutants entering the air, helping with air quality and creating a more eco-friendly heating option.

How Can they Benefit You?

The great thing about eco logs is that they can benefit you as well as the environment.
As we previously mentioned, the moisture content of eco logs is low, resulting in a more efficient burn and a higher heat output. Your fire will provide you with the warmth you’re looking for over a longer period, making them a much more efficient and effective option.

Eco logs also produce less ash and residue, which can be incredibly beneficial from a maintenance perspective. The low ash content means minimal cleaning up, and you don’t have to worry about dirty glass on your burner ruining its aesthetic.

Storing Your Eco Logs

If you’ve decided you want to turn towards green fuel in Ireland and would like to purchase eco logs to warm to build your fires this winter, then you want to ensure they’re kept in good condition, ready to use when you need them.

Once you have purchased your eco logs, ensure they are stored in a dry space, like a shed or garage. You want to keep your logs as safe from moisture as possible; the more moisture your wood has in it, the less effective it will burn - the low moisture content of eco logs is one of their benefits, so you don’t want to ruin their effectiveness.

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