Five Tips to Get the Best from Using Eco Logs at Home

Five Tips to Get the Best from Using Eco Logs at Home

Eco logs are an excellent sustainable heating option for your home and when we started KingStar Future Fuels in 2021 they were the obvious cornerstone product to meet our mission to provide a high-quality, highly efficient, clean, green sustainable eco fuel to the homes of Ireland. Because the logs are made from compressed organic materials they offer numerous benefits, including renewable sourcing, reduced environmental impact, and energy efficiency. We have put together five tips to make the most of using eco-logs effectively in your home to help you maximise the use of eco logs, this guide provides a step-by-step approach to using them effectively in your home.

Choosing the Ideal Product

Don’t compromise on the quality or reliability of your eco-log supplier. You will reap the benefits of selecting a local and trustworthy business. We are a family-run business with sustainability as a key driver and we aim to give our customers nothing but the best but also the most environmentally sustainable solutions. As well as trusted suppliers, make sure you know the size of your fireplace or wood burning stove so you can choose the correct products for you.

Preparation is Key

Ensure your fireplace or stove is clean and tidy and remove any remnants of previous fires, such as ashes and partially burned firewood. Clean the grate and glass doors, if applicable, to maximise heat transfer and make sure they burn more efficiently. When building the fire refer to the guidelines for ensuring you have allowed for proper airflow and efficient lighting. There are some top tips such as avoiding overcrowding the logs as this reduces airflow and as a result, heat output. Leave some space between the logs to get the best fire.

Starting the Fire

Lighting a fire, whilst seeming a relatively easy process, can actually be quite tricky and is one of the most important steps. Start by laying the fire and placing a firelighter in a central position and building the kindling around it, preferable in criss-cross layers. Add the logs, make sure there is maximum airflow, light the fire lighter and take a step back to appreciate your efforts. Once the kindling is burning steadily, the heat will spread to the eco logs, igniting them. When the fire is roaring away, you can then start to reduce the air slightly.

Monitoring and Maintenance

It is essential to watch your fire as it burns to ensure that the eco logs are producing a consistent flame and heat. You can adjust the airflow as necessary to maintain this. Safety is an important consideration too. You should install and maintain smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and keep flammable materials at a safe distance from the fire. Always use a fire screen or close the glass door on the wood burner to prevent sparks from escaping. To store your logs for next time, make sure they are in a dry and well-ventilated area, such as a garage or shed and are kept away from moisture and covered to protect them from dust and pests.

Extinguishing the Fire

It is preferable to allow the eco-logs to burn completely or burn them down to a manageable size before putting them out. You can rearrange the logs and spread them out to help them cool down faster. Don’t use water as this can damage the fireplace or stove. By following these tips, you can efficiently use eco logs in your home and enjoy the benefits of a sustainable and eco-friendly heating solution.

Want to Learn More?

If you would like to purchase eco logs for your home - then KingStar Future Fuels is your ideal supplier. We are a family-run Irish business providing green, clean sustainable eco fuel to homes in Ireland. Whether you’re based in Tipperary, Galway or Dublin, we can supply you with the logs you need to stay warm this winter. If you would like to speak to us directly please contact us by phone on +353 87920 7868 or leave a message on our contact form.