Helpful Tips For Lighting a Fire

Helpful Tips For Lighting a Fire

Lighting a fire, whilst seeming a relatively easy process, can actually be quite tricky. There are all sorts of factors that go into making a fire and maintaining a fire, and for a beginner, it can often take a little bit of learning before you’re able to achieve a perfect fire at home.

To help you, the team at Kingstar Future Fuels has written a really useful post that gives you a few tips for when you’re next lighting your fire on a cold winter’s evening. Take a read to learn more, and if you’re looking to buy firewood for your wood burner, head over to our website to discover all of our logs today.


First things first, you want to properly prepare for your fire by ensuring that your fireplace or stove is fully clean. You also want to make sure that you have an ash bed in your fireplace, as this will keep it insulated and help it last longer too. It’s similarly important to note that your chimney should ideally be swept twice a year; it shouldn’t be blocked, so you need to get a chimney sweep to ensure that it’s clear in preparation for your fire.

Laying Your Fire

When it comes to setting up your fire, you should place a fire lighter inside the fireplace in a central position. Then, you should set the kindling up around it. Kindling is small pieces of dry wood, and the more of it you use, the better your initial fire will be. But, you shouldn’t pack the kindling too tight; you need to ensure that air can make its way through the fuel. The recommended way is to criss-cross layers of kindling over your fire lighter.

Lighting the Fire

After the kindling and fire lighter are in place, it’s now time to put your hardtop logs from Kingstar Future Fuels on top of your kindling in the fireplace. We recommend breaking our hardtop logs into three pieces; they’ll be really dry and in perfect condition to start your fire. Finally, you should light your fire lighter and take a step back to appreciate your efforts. Keep the air fully open to allow your fire to get established. When it’s roaring away, you can then start to reduce the air slightly.

High Quality Firewood for Sale in Tipperary

Now that you know a little bit more about lighting a fire, if you’d like to purchase eco logs for your home - then Kingstar Future Fuels has just what you need. We are a family-run Irish business providing green, clean sustainable eco fuel to homes in Ireland. Whether you’re based in Tipperary, Galway or Dublin, we can supply you with the logs you need to stay warm this winter.

We sell sustainable eco logs at low prices; from our pallets of hard top logs to our pallets of premium eco logs, there are a variety of green options available to buy. All of our logs are a great alternative to fossil fuels, and will keep both your stove glass and the planet clean. If you have any questions about our firewood for sale in Tipperary, please call us directly on +353 87 920 7868 or drop us a message via the online form on our website.