Environmental Benefits of Choosing Our Green Fuel Ireland

Environmental Benefits of Choosing Our Green Fuel Ireland

Heating your home with logs is an environmentally friendly way of keeping your living space warm and comfortable during those wintry Irish evenings. It’s considerably more sustainable as a choice of heating system compared with the standard heating systems that many people continue to use today.

To find out why you should choose eco friendly kiln dried logs and help preserve the environment, read our post below - we take a closer look at all the terrific environmental benefits. If you’d like to buy green fuel in Ireland for your home - then visit the Kingstar Future Fuels website today.

Sustainably Sourced Green Fuel

At Kingstar Future Fuels, our eco friendly kiln dried logs are made from 100% oak waste sawdust and shavings, which are sourced directly from wooden floor manufacturing facilities. We are reusing and recycling a biomass product which is free from all artificial additives and chemicals.

It is sourced in an entirely green manner, so when you buy olive wood logs or green fuel Ireland from us, you will be reducing your own impact on the environment. You’ll be using a greener source of heating and energy, minimising your negative impact on the planet.

We Give Back to the Planet

Not only are our green fuel Ireland logs sourced sustainably renewable fuel, but as a company, we’ve also launched a Greener Future Plan. This plan is our way of giving back to the planet and our loyal customers; it involves gifting all customers who buy a ton (a pallet) a free Oak tree to plant.

Planting trees has a hugely positive impact on the environment, it helps to fight the climate crisis as trees absorb carbon and remove it from the air. The more trees planted, the more carbon out of the atmosphere and the better the environment. Trees also help sustain wildlife, providing habitats to all kinds of animals - from squirrels and bats to bees and owls.

Reduces Reliance on Electricity

Lastly, when you decide to buy our green fuel Ireland logs, you will be using a more efficient and eco-friendly system than the previous one you have been using, which most of the time is coal-fired electricity. Using our green fuel Ireland olive wood firewood logs in your wood burner has a lower carbon output, and much less energy is needed to harvest wood too - compared with mining for fossil fuels like coal.

Buy Green Fuel in Ireland For Your Home

If you want to transition to a greener method of heating your home during winter in Ireland, then come to Kingstar Future Fuels. Our green eco logs olive wood firewood and kiln dried firewood are a brilliant way to keep you warm and toasty at home, without damaging the environment and our natural resources. To view all of our products - from our hard top logs to our premium logs and kindling, please visit our website now.

We’re proud to be a small, family-run business with a passion for making a positive difference to our planet for future generations. Our eco logs, olive wood firewood and kiln dried firewood have received several five-star testimonials and reviews, so you can be assured of our products’ quality and longevity. If you have anything you’d like to ask about our green fuel Galway Ireland, please call us directly on +353 87 920 7868 or drop us a message via the online form on our website. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible.