The Different Eco Logs Options You Can Buy

The Different Eco Logs Options You Can Buy

Looking to buy fuel for your wood burner? Kingstar Future Fuels is one of the leading providers of high-quality, highly efficient, clean, green sustainable eco fuel. We stock eco logs which are a great way to keep your home feeling warm and cosy during the colder months.

Below, we’ve written a helpful post that looks at the various wood briquettes you can buy from our online store. Take a read to learn more about our logs for sale, and if you want to buy Eco logs in Galway - visit our website today.

Hard Top Logs

Our hard top logs are a really popular option; they’re made from 100% oak waste sawdust and shavings. Both the sawdust and shavings have been compressed to create a really efficient fuel that contains absolutely no artificial additives or chemicals used in the process. If you are considering buying hard top logs, then these logs are a great alternative to peat briquettes or turf which are going to be discontinued soon.

They have a low ash content and low moisture content, and they’re clean and easy to store inside a shed, garage or home too. You can buy our hard top logs in a range of sizes to suit your needs; the sizes we provide include a full pallet of 100 packs, a half pallet with 50 packs, or a quarter pallet with 25 packs, and a starter pack of 10 logs. To browse all options, head to our website now.

Premium Logs

Our premium logs are an excellent choice for heating your home; they’re made from 100% dried Spruce, and just like our hard top logs, they contain no artificial additives or chemicals. These are premium eco-friendly fire logs that give you high and long-lasting heat. With a low ash and low moisture content, there are many benefits to choosing our premium logs.

They’re highly efficient and you also won’t have to worry about grubby, black glass stove fronts. We sell premium logs in different sizes including a full pallet of 100 packs, a half pallet of 50 packs, or a quarter pallet of 25 packs and a starter pack of 8 logs. Buy now to avoid disappointment as our premium logs sell out quickly.

Searching for Fuel for your fire for Sale in Galway?

Here at Kingstar Future Fuels, we are committed to providing high quality, efficient, clean and sustainable eco fuel to homes in Ireland. Our eco logs are the perfect, most sustainable way of keeping your home warm during the freezing cold winter months. With the future looking green, now is the best time to start buying this excellent alternative to burning fossil fuels. If you want to browse through our logs for sale, please visit our website now.

Any questions? Feel free to get in touch with the Kingstar Future Fuels team today by giving us a call on +353 87 920 7868. You can also drop us a message via the online form on our website, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We’re always here to answer any questions you have and provide you with more information about our eco fuel in Galway.