Why you Should Choose Eco Logs to Burn at Home

Why you Should Choose Eco Logs to Burn at Home

When the business started in 2021 the team at KingStar Future Fuels had a simple mission to provide a high-quality, highly efficient, clean, green sustainable eco fuel to the homes of Ireland. Our logs are a green, reused, recycled biomass product, free of artificial additives and chemicals. By making the shift from traditional firewood to a more environmentally friendly solution we have proved that this simple decision can have many benefits.

In this post we explore how these benefits can impact on you and your home including energy efficiency, numerous environmental benefits such as the use of renewable and sustainable resources, reduction of environmental impact and the potential of carbon neutral processes and a simple and convenient method of heating your home.

Energy Efficient

Eco logs are known for their high energy efficiency. They have a dense composition which means they burn longer, have a steady release of heat and are more consistent than traditional firewood, which can vary in moisture content and quality. The manufacturing process of the logs ensures a reliable, standard product with reliable and effective heat generation. This efficiency reduced fuel consumption and increased cost savings for consumers, making eco logs an economical heating solution.

Environmental Benefits

High and long-lasting heat is produced using eco-friendly fire logs which are made from recycled wood waste such as sawdust and wood shavings that have been compressed to form an efficient fuel. sourced from wooden floor manufacturing facilities, they make good use of wood waste, which would otherwise end up in a landfill, Thus helping the factories to be more sustainable.

The production process of eco logs involves compacting these materials under high pressure, eliminating the need for glues or additives. This results in cleaner combustion, significantly reducing emissions of harmful pollutants which contributes to improved air quality and promotes a healthier living environment.

They also have the potential to be carbon neutral as the materials used are sourced sustainably and we plant new trees to replace harvested ones, the carbon emitted during burning is offset by the carbon absorbed by the newly grown trees. As they are created by renewable and sustainable resources, eco logs are clearly a better choice for customers keen to make more environmentally aware choices for themselves, their home and their families.

Simple Convenience

As a result of the manufacturing methods, eco-logs are uniform in size and shape. They can be transported, delivered and stacked and stored easily and without the need for chopping, splitting, or seasoning, eco logs are ready to use immediately.

It is important eco-logs are stored in a cool, dry place preferably inside a shed, garage or your house and that they are not allowed to get wet. If they can be stored in an elevated and ventilated location, allowing air to circulate, helping to keep them dry. This ensures that they are always dry and ready to burn and that they burn more efficiently.

Eco logs offer numerous benefits that make them an attractive and sustainable heating solution in Ireland. From their use of renewable resources and reduced environmental impact to their energy efficiency and convenience, eco logs provide an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional firewood. By choosing eco logs, our customers and the homes of Ireland can contribute to the greener future our team at KingStar Future Fuels aim to create while enjoying the warmth and comfort they provide.

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